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BabyJogger City Tour Double

Maximum weight of 17kgs / 37lbs per child


Renting a double buggy is worth considering, especially if you have small children of different ages. You may find that your older child will start to want to walk more, and you’re left with just the baby in a big buggy! For more information on baby equipment worth renting instead of buying, I even wrote a blog on it, here!

Stork staff love the Babyjogger for one main reason – the fold on it is genius! There’s no faffing around with leavers and buttons, you just pull the strap to fold and that’s it!

Features we love include:

  • Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 17kgs/37lbs per child.
  • Suitable for baby / child of different age / weights.
  • There is a carrycot available for babies (please request).
  • Independent seat operations with multiple recline positions.
  • It’s surprisingly narrow and fits through standard doorways.
  • Raincover included.
  • Compact, single handed pull fold.
  • Automatic fold lock.
  • UV50+ hoods.
  • Currently available in Dublin only