We are delighted to partner with private Spanish car rental company RecordGo. RecordGo have many branches across Spain and Portugal. We provide baby equipment for RecordGo at their Palma and Malaga branches, and will be opening throughout their networks over the coming months.

What does this mean for you?

  • It means if you book your car and baby equipment through RecordGo in Palma and Malaga, it is our equipment you get and our team on the ground to help you.
  • It means you have a wider choice of car seats than standard car rental companies and additional items such as prams and cots.
  • It means you have isofix infant seats.
  • It means you have extended rearward facing, isofix seats for children up to 4 years (depending on weight and height).
  • It means you have the choice of high back booster seats and not just a booster cushion.
  • It means you are guaranteed the correct seat for your child when you arrive.
  • It means your equipment is thoroughly sanitised and safety checked between each and every hire.
  • It means your seat has not been in an accident.
  • It means on your return, you just leave everything in the car!
  • It means you have a trained TSE staff member dedicated to assisting you with the equipment, show you how it works, who can help with installation and any queries you have.

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