How to install 3 child seats across the back seat?
you How to install 3 child seats across the back seat of a car? We get asked this a lot... and we have a lot of practice trying to install many combinations of child seats! It can be quite tricky,...
Stork Recommends: The Best 4 Travel Buggies
In our line of work (baby equipment rental) we’re always on the look out for great travel products. We test many, but very few make the final selection! We’re like the X-Factor of baby equipment. A travel buggy is a...
Child Seat Safety Check: 6 Common Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid
Child seat safety is a no-brainer; a car seat is the single most important piece of safety equipment you will buy to protect your child. Moreover, it’s no good having the best car seat money can buy, if you install...
Flying Green
My mother used to drum into us the phrase” waste not, want not” as children. She used it to get us to finish our dinner, but the notion must’ve embedded itself deep in my psyche. I have a huge dislike...
Packing for a Family Holiday?
I always try to follow the less-is-more approach to packing, but packing for a family holiday is an entirely different beast. There is so much stuff little people need. To start with, a ‘spare’ of everything for the ‘what if’...
Install a child seat with a seat belt.
The Irish Road Safety Authority reported that 3 out of 4 child seats are incorrectly installed. Isofix is easy-peasy, it's either locked or it isn't but how do you install a child seat with a seatbelt? We work with car...

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