Why hire when I can bring everything with me?

Yes, we know, you have a pram you love and a car seat that cost the earth...so why shouldn't you bring them with you?

  • You will be carrying luggage and children already.
  • Your expensive equipment won't get damaged / lost / left behind by airline baggage handlers, leaving you without on arrival.
  • Perhaps your pram / car seat is quite a bulky one and you don't want to lug it to the airport, through the airport, on a plane, through another airport and to your destination...and back again, along with the aforementioned kids and luggage!
  • You don't want to have to break your pram down at the gate and start packing it into a suitable bag while also trying to hang on to your busy toddler or put the baby in a sling.
  • You want to improve your carbon footprint by not adding weight to the aircraft.

Why hire from The Stork Exchange then?

That's easy - because we use top quality, brand equipment; cleaned, safety checked and logged before each and every hire . Then we meet you at the most convenient location for you, demostrate how to use the equipment properly and install the car seat in the car for you - simple!​

How does it work?

To hire equipment, you must first book on-line. A booking confirmation and receipt will be automatically emailed to you. (Please notify us at info@thestorkexchange.ie if you do not receive this as your booking might not have processed). 

Our on-line booking form will prompt you for the information we need.
In the text box provided, please include arrival AND departure information.
If you are hiring a car, please include the car rental company and the name the car is booked under.
If you are having the equipment delivered, use the text box to provide the delivery address and contact information.

On arrival at Dublin Airport we will meet you at a designated collection point (see collection points below), or if you are being collected by family, we can meet them. We will help bring the equipment to the car (we know your hands are probably full!). If you are hiring car seats, we will install the child seats for you. We'll also demonstrate how to use the equipment properly and safely. 

Where can we collect our equipment?

Terminal 1 Arrivals:  We have a courtesy phone in arrivals beside the information desk - contact us when you are ready and we will meet you there.

Terminal 2 Arrivals: We have a courtesy phone in arrivals, in the car rental hall, just opposite the Hertz desk. Contact us when you are ready and we will meet you there.

*If you are hiring a car please go to the car rental desk first and complete your paperwork and then gve us a call once you are ready. Your rental car is either located in the terminal carpark or nearby at the depot. If you ask the car rental assistants where your car will be, we can meet you there.

How do we return our equipment?

The aim is that you are not lugging around heavy equipment so please call us at least 20 minutes before you return to Dublin Airport and we will come and meet you at Terminal 1 / Terminal 2 or the car rental depots and collect the equipment from you. If you don't call us, please return the equipment directly to the Airport Services desk in Terminal 1 short term car park building, opposite arrivals. Failure to do so will result in charges to your credit card.

What are the opening hours?

We operate 7 days a week, 364 days a year (On Christmas Day don't even think about it!)

Opening Hours: 5.30am to 10pm 

Will you install the car seats?

The Irish Road Safety Authority estimate that 3 out of 4 car seats are incorrectly fitted, so to ensure your child is safe, our staff are trained annually and insured to install car seats. We install car seats free of charge for all of our customers. We can also help you chose the right car seat, according to your child's weight and height.

How would I know if the car seat has been in an accident?

This is a hugely important issue for us. If your car is in an accident while using our car seats, we ask that you inform us immediately and discontinue using the seat. There are no penalities or charges and we will replace the seat for you free of charge. The Road Safety Authority and car seat manufacturers advise that car seats that have been in an accident are no longer safe to use, whether there is visible damage to the seat or not. We immediately log the seat as having been in an accident and it is withdrawn from circulation.

Is the equipment clean?

All of our equipment is sanitised, cleaned, safety checked and logged before it is hired out. Our cot linen is dry cleaned professionally. We vacum and use hot water for general cleaning, and where a deeper clean is necessary, we use non-bio detergents.

"I'm based in Ireland, can I bring your equipment abroad?"

All of our equipment is available to hire and bring abroad except car seats. As pieces of safety equipment, it is against our company ethos that car seats be allowed to travel in the hold of an aircraft, where they are at risk of potentialy undetected damage. Our prams, strollers and travel cots are provided in waterproof, padded travel bags and may be checked in to the hold. 

What happens if equipment is damaged, stolen or lost in our care?

Each customer is responsible for the equipment during the hire period.The Stork Exchange will charge your credit card for the retail replacement cost of any item that is not returned or returned damaged. Please ensure to return all accessories that come with equipment, such as rain covers and cosy toes.

What happens if my baby is sick on the equipment?

It happens, it's ok, just please tell us! We don't penalise or charge. If, however the car seat cover or pram is covered in ice-cream or chocolate smears... something that can be avoided, then we will charge a cleaning fee of €10 per item. We know kids can be messy, but think along the lines 'crumbs are ok, chocolate smears not ok'!

Can you recommend a car rental company?

We partner with Sixt and Enterprise at Dublin Airport, which makes returning our equipment very easy, you just leave it in the car! 





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